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The Constellations of the Zodiac by darkblueking
The Constellations of the Zodiac
Sagittarius 18 December – 18 January
Capricornus 19 January – 15 February
Aquarius 16 February – 11 March
Pisces 12 March – 18 April
Aries 19 April – 13 May
Taurus 14 May – 19 June
Gemini 20 June – 20 July
Cancer 21 July – 9 August
Leo 10 August – 15 September
Virgo 16 September – 30 October
Libra 31 October – 22 November
Scorpio 23 November – 29 November
Ophiuchus 30 November – 17 December

This image is made for mila ( my next model ) .
DOA5U Christie Sexy Sniper Action Figure Edition by darkblueking
DOA5U Christie Sexy Sniper Action Figure Edition
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate - Koei Tecmo

Christie Sexy Sniper - DOA5U DLC???
Christie Sexy Sniper - DOA5 DLC???
Additional Weapons - DOA5U

XPS 10.9.3 or Latest XPS

All parts of Christie :

Body Hands
Body Legs
Body Nails

Head Eye Pupils
Head Eye Shadows
Head Eyeballs
Head Eyelashes Lower
Head Eyelashes Upper
Head Teeth
Head Tongue

Hair Base ( DOA5U Only )
Hair Inside ( DOA5U Only )
Hair Outside ( DOA5U Only )

Hair Base Inside ( DOA5 Only )
Hair Base Outside ( DOA5 Only )
Hair Front Inside ( DOA5 Only )
Hair Front Outside ( DOA5 Only )
Hair Back Inside ( DOA5 Only )
Hair Back Outside ( DOA5 Only )

Sweat Cheek Left
Sweat Cheek Right
Sweat Chest

Adhesive Bandage
Bandage Arm
Bandage Hand

Barrett M107
Barrett M107 Bullets
Barrett M107 Shells
Barrett M107 TWS ( Thermal Weapon Sight )

Dog Tag
Face Paint

Handgun Left
Handgun Left Belt
Handgun Left Holster
Handgun Right
Handgun Right Belt


Helmet Belts
Helmet Glasses Inside
Helmet Glasses Outside
Helmet Goggles
Helmet Goggles Belt Inside
Helmet Laser

Iron Reaver Claw

Knife Hand
Knife Left
Knife Left Lace
Knife Left Scabbard
Knife Right

Leather Glove

Pads Elbow
Pads Knee
Pads Knee Caps

Raincoat Back Left
Raincoat Back Right
Raincoat Front Left
Raincoat Front Right
Raincoat Hood
Raincoat Sleeve Left
Raincoat Sleeve Right

Red Bandana

Stockings Left
Stockings Right

Swimsuit Bra
Swimsuit Hot Pants

Tactical Bag
Tactical Bag Belts
Tactical Flashlight
Tactical Interphone
Tactical Interphone Pouch
Tactical Knife
Tactical Pouch Back
Tactical Pouch Back Belt
Tactical Pouch Back Belts
Tactical Pouches Chest
Tactical Pouches Chest Belts
Tactical Pouches Front
Tactical Pouches Front Belts
Tactical Pouches Left
Tactical Pouches Left Belts
Tactical Smoke Grenades
Tactical Smoke Grenades Belts
Tactical Vest
Tactical Vest Belts


All parts of weapons :

Handgun Left
Handgun Right
Smoke Grenade

How to hide these parts ( make items optional ) :…

P.S. Please hide all inside hairs .

Download Link :
“ 下载 ” means download , just click it .

Mirror Link :
SC4 Cassandra Alexandra 2P Action Figure Edition by darkblueking
SC4 Cassandra Alexandra 2P Action Figure Edition
Soul Calibur IV - Namco Bandai

SC4 Cassandra Alexandra 2P
SC4 Cassandra Alexandra 2P Broken

XPS 10.9.3 or Latest XPS

Atalanta's Belts
Atalanta's Belts Buckles
Atalanta's Belts Right

Atalanta's Boots Chain Left
Atalanta's Boots Chain Right
Atalanta's Boots Left
Atalanta's Boots Left Inside
Atalanta's Boots Right
Atalanta's Boots Right Inside

Atalanta's Chestplate
Atalanta's Chestplate Back
Atalanta's Chestplate Bow
Atalanta's Chestplate Collar
Atalanta's Chestplate Cuffs
Atalanta's Chestplate Left A
Atalanta's Chestplate Left B
Atalanta's Chestplate Right A
Atalanta's Chestplate Right B

Atalanta's Gloves Bangle
Atalanta's Gloves Bracer Left
Atalanta's Gloves Bracer Right
Atalanta's Gloves Buckles
Atalanta's Gloves Button
Atalanta's Gloves Cuff
Atalanta's Gloves Gauntlet Left
Atalanta's Gloves Gauntlet Right
Atalanta's Gloves Left
Atalanta's Gloves Ribbons
Atalanta's Gloves Right

Atalanta's Hairband

Atalanta's Jacket
Atalanta's Jacket Belt
Atalanta's Jacket Belt Buttons
Atalanta's Jacket Cuffs

Atalanta's Skirt Elastic Inside
Atalanta's Skirt Elastic Outside
Atalanta's Skirt Inside
Atalanta's Skirt Lace Inside
Atalanta's Skirt Lace Outside
Atalanta's Skirt Left Inside
Atalanta's Skirt Left Outside
Atalanta's Skirt Outside
Atalanta's Skirt Right Inside
Atalanta's Skirt Right Outside

Atalanta's Stockings
Atalanta's Stockings Feet


Digamma Sword
Nemea Shield

Body Arms
Body Feet
Body Hands

Head Eye Pupils
Head Eye Shadows
Head Eyeballs
Head Eyebrows
Head Eyelashes
Head Eyeliner
Head Lips
Head Mouth
Head Teeth

Swing Hair A1 Outside
Swing Hair A2 Outside
Swing Hair B1 Inside
Swing Hair B1 Outside
Swing Hair B2 Inside
Swing Hair B2 Outside
Swing Hair C1 Inside
Swing Hair C1 Outside
Swing Hair C2 Inside
Swing Hair C2 Outside
Swing Hair D1 Intside
Swing Hair D1 Outside
Swing Hair D2 Inside
Swing Hair D2 Outside
Swing Hair E1 Inside
Swing Hair E1 Outside
Swing Hair E2 Inside
Swing Hair E2 Outside
Swing Hair F1 Inside
Swing Hair F1 Outside
Swing Hair F2 Inside
Swing Hair F2 Outside

How to hide these parts ( make items optional ) :…

P.S. Please hide all inside objects .

Download Link :
“ 下载 ” means download , just click it .

Mirror Link :
Hello , my skydrive account is blocked . I need to find a new site . Maybe baidu is a good choice .


dark blue king
People's Republic of China
Hello everyone , my name is liu(刘 or 劉) zhenghai(正海) . I come from chengdu(成都) .

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